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The Norwegian Week
Article mis en ligne le 31 mars 2015
dernière modification le 1er avril 2015

par Mme Soumah prof d’anglais

Farewell to the Norwegians at Saint-Exupéry Airport after a week in Lyon.

Students’ personal opinions about the week :

- The week we spent with the norwegians was awesome !
It was only the second time that we saw them (first time in Norway last year), and the fact of spending another week with them was exciting and also tiring.

- I think the time we spent with the pen pals was just amazing : even if we have different habits and attitudes, we had fun and laughed a lot. We’ve done so many different things (sometimes exhausting), even some I had never done myself before ! They were very lucky... but they deserved it because they had been so welcoming during the week we spent in Arendal.
I hope they all went back to Norway in very good conditions and that they are all fine.

- The week we spent with the Norwegians was very cool , we had lots of fun. It’s quite sad to think that we will never see them again in the same conditions. We did lots of different things in groups which was great.
Sometimes it was quite difficult and tiring because the Norwegians always asked more but that’s ok because we have a different way of life and it was very interesting to see theirs .